Monday, March 20, 2017

5 Must Have Laser Accessories for a CO2 Laser Cutter



Laser cutters are incredibly diverse machines, able to accomplish a wide variety of tasks and functions. Most people get so much out of their laser cutters, out of the box, they never even think of all the laser accessories that can add value to their machine and their projects. Here are 5 laser accessories that could improve your laser cutting experience.


1. Focus Lenses
There are a variety of focus lenses available for laser machines, each specializing in a different cutting thickness or level of engraving detail. These range from lenses for cutting thick materials, such as foam, to pinpoint lenses for cutting details below a 6pt font.
2. Rotary
A rotary attachment opens up whole new shapes of material to laser engrave upon by adding curved objects to the repertoire. Items such as bottles, glasses, rolling pins and more become viable options for laser engraving. The rotary attaches to the “y-drive” of the laser cutter and informs the software to turn the rotary for perfect engraving.
3. Riser
Risers are just what they sound like; they create additional height for taller materials. Risers go great with rotaries because engraving things like bottles and glasses require more space in the work bed.
4. Fume Extractor
Fume extractors are great for workshops that don’t have easy access to an outside window or a built-in exhaust port. Fume extractors use a HEPA filter system to trap fumes and particles. If you are setting up a hobby laser in an office without outside access, then a fume extractor is a must have.
5. Water Chiller
All CO2 laser tubes need to be cooled during operation. This can be as simple as a water pump system, however the cooler the water, the better. Water chillers maintain a constant water temperature adding to the life of your laser tube.
Laser cutters are amazing tools with some amazing accessories.
Be sure you get the right accessories for your machine and your needs.