Friday, March 10, 2017

Amazing Things You Didn’t Know A CO2 Laser Could Do

Everyone knows that a laser cutter can cut and engrave. What most people don’t know is how many applications those two functions have. Add an accessory or a new technique and the possibilities become endless. Here are 5 things you may not know a laser cutter can do.
co2 laser cutter_Wood_cut_engrave_Watts_hobby_muse_pro_glass_wine_glass_Curved 
1. Did you know you can engrave curved objects?
 Most people think you can only cut flat material in a laser cutter but with a rotary/riser combination, you can engrave on curved objects. Popular choices include custom glass champagne glasses and wine bottles.
co2 laser cutter_Wood_cut_engrave_Watts_hobby_muse_pro_paper_acrylic_Women
2. Did you know you can cut paper?
Logic would lead you to believe a laser is way too much heat and power to cut paper without setting it on fire or completely incinerating it. The truth is, the laser is a very delicate thing and can cut incredible intricate patterns on thin paper.
 co2 laser cutter_Wood_cut_engrave_Watts_hobby_muse_pro_raster_Focus Head_  
3. Did you know you can mark photo images on material?
Your laser doesn’t have to cut through material to create incredible projects. Laser cutters are capable of marking material with tiny surface burns that are so detailed you can recreate images. This can be done on a variety of materials such as wood, tile and even polished stone.
co2 laser cutter_Wood_cut_engrave_Watts_hobby_muse_pro_watch_bend_wood_Watch
4. Did you know you can make wood bend?
Wood is stiff, right? Well, there is a cutting technique called kerfing that can allow wood to bend and curve. Kerfing removes thin strips of material in a pattern that allows the wood to bend without breaking. This technique is all done in the software and is easy to apply to any number of projects.
laser 101 fsl jointed dice Header_co2 laser cutter_Wood_cut_engrave_Watts_hobby_muse_pro.jpg 
5. Did you know you can create 3D objects?
Most material cut by a laser cutter is flat, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Material can be cut to allow all sorts of stacking, linking and connecting to built just about any 3D object.When you combine techniques and accessories with the core functions of a laser cutter you open up a world of amazing projects. What will you do with your laser cutter?
Laser 101 Project Family Shot Branded 1-1
Want to see a CO2 laser in action? The brief video below demonstrates tumblers being marked using a rotary device on a Pro-Series CO2 laser cutter. Catch more of our machines in motion by visiting our YouTube Channel