Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Lasers and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

STEM education – that’s Science, Technology, Engineering & Math – is becoming more vital than ever for junior high and high school students. Even students not planning on going to college benefit from STEM programs that provide students with real skills used in real industries.

In today’s modern world, traditional skill-based high school courses, such as auto shop, are rapidly being replaced with other, more viable, alternatives such as robotics, programming and technology based applications like laser cutting. Students looking for occupations after high school now have real choices for careers based on skill certifications in areas of hands-on application of technology.

The trick of it all is to match the skills students are being taught to actual industry needs. High school graduates need to be able to convince employers they have the knowledge and ability to perform tasks that are crucial to that industry’s success. Teachers are also looking for ways to demonstrate value to student who want to work with their hands. One way this is done is by applying skills to practical needs in the classroom. For example, students in one school made much needed improvements on their school campus.

As stated by, “The practical uses of laser cutters in the shop range from making acrylic enclosures for electronics projects to cardboard prototypes. Around the school campus, the laser has been used to make signs — well-designed and very professional — for a fraction of what they would cost if purchased elsewhere.” 

As a laser company, that concept makes a lot of sense to us. Our industry thrives when skilled operators of industrial laser cutters are in the market. And like auto shop and welding, laser cutting is a real profession that can be entered into with strong certification programs instead of college degrees. Fortunately, STEM grants are now widely accessible and schools are advancing these educational alternatives across the country.

If you would like to know more about how your students can benefit from laser technology applications in industry, contact us about our certificate program and how your school can obtain a laser cutter.