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Thursday, October 15, 2020

It's back! And now even better!


Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Halloween Contest:

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Our growing community:

As most of our new customers are aware, due to unexpected demand for the Muse 3D laser cutter we are experiencing some delays in production. We want to acknowledge/show appreciation for your patience as we have had significant growth in our community. Though our shipping time has been slowed we are still chugging along making the Muse 3D as fast as we can from our Las Vegas facility. We apologize for any delivery delays that are occurring as a result. All FSL products go through a strict quality control process to ensure our products are always delivered in optimal condition. If your order is taking longer than two weeks, please don’t hesitate to call your sales rep for a status update.
Welcome to our community, Thank you for your patience, and we can't wait to see what you make.


Software update V2.2:

The new update is here!

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Official beta testers:

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Youtube videos:

If you haven't seen our videos we urge you to check them out. We now have over 360 of them for you to watch and learn cool new things.

The Muse Pandora:

The next step in evolution is here, and it's called the Muse Pandora. The Pandora is the new fiber laser system from Full Spectrum Laser. The Muse Pandora is an adaptable enclosed system focusing on safety, easy of use, versatility and like nothing else on the market .This Fiber system allows users to engrave designs and markings with depth into materials such as metals, polycarbonates, and much more. Most lasers people are familiar with cannot engrave such materials. Not only is it a fiber laser but it is also a galvo system. Galvo systems are the fastest way to engrave and seeing them in action is an experience in and of itself. The software to run the Pandora is called Retina Engrave 3, or simply RE3. RE3 is the Full Spectrum Laser standardized software. You can design in RE3 or simply drag and drop any file format you are familiar with. Plus the software is locally hosted on the machine so no internet is needed. With our user friendly RE3 software, motorized auto focus, material data base, and 3D camera system using a fiber laser has never been so easy. The Muse Pandora system by Full Spectrum Laser; years to develop so you can engrave in seconds.




  • LOCALLY HOSTED BROWSER BASED SOFTWARE - no internet required. (Windows, Mac and Linux compatible). Try it here
  • CLASS 2R LASER ENCLOSURE /W MOTORIZED DOOR - fully enclosed unit when used with the 160mm lens with motorized door for safe usage
  • REMOVABLE FLOOR - a removable bottom allows larger lenses with larger marking areas to shoot through the bottom of the machine
  • ROTARY ATTACHMENT - (optional) allows for cylindrical objects such as cups to be engraved.
  • MATERIAL DATABASE - common materials such as aluminum, steel, black acrylic, lexan, leather, granite and more have built in presets for easy workflow.
  • 7" LCD TOUCH SCREEN - allows users to control major functions right from the machine.
  • 3D CAMERA POWERED MOTORIZED AUTOFOCUS - takes 3D images of what's inside your laser for extremely accurate design placement on multiple height objects. Motorized Z stage automatically focuses multiple times to mark non-flat object.
  • ULTRA-RELIABILITY - Solid-state 24V DC 1064nmfiber laser requires no water cooling and has no consumable parts with estimated lifetime of more than 25,000hrs.
  • ULTRA-PRECISION - Closed loop galvonometer scanners with encoder feedback project the laser beam with no additional mechanical parts such as belts, gears or pulleys to ensure perfect results each time
  • POWER OPTIONS - 20W for use with 210mm lens for 6"x6" working area (150mmx150mm) or select 50W laser with 430mm lens for up to 12"x12" working area (300mmx300mm)
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT - via phone and email.

Muse Galvo

Friday, June 5, 2020

Full Spectrum Laser has done it again!

We'd like to introduce the Muse Galvo. The Muse Galvo is the first ever plug and play galvo laser produced. With our user friendly RE3 software, motorized auto focus, material data base, and 3D camera system engraving has never been so easy. Prior to the Muse Galvo, fiber lasers were difficult to operate for the average person and trade secrets were held closely by their users. Combining great technology and the insightful input from our customers for over a decade in the industry we have developed something completely new and unique. The Muse Galvo system by Full Spectrum Laser; years to develop so you can engrave in seconds.




Fiber Galvo Ad


How Lasers Have Helped Others

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Makers are a close knit group with endless amounts of creativity. Given recent events, it’s no wonder that the maker community has banded together to help medical professionals and more that are in need at this time! Makers like our friends at DD Audio and countless other creators have shifted their resources to create face shields using their Full Spectrum Lasers, or a combination of both laser cutters and 3D printers! Do your part by reaching out to local facilities in your communities to see if you can help! Be safe and keep making! ⚡


Start Your Own Laser Business Today

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Starting your own business is not as hard as you think: It’s harder. But nothing you do working for others will be as rewarding as becoming your own boss and master of your own destiny. For many, affordable technology is the springboard for that startup business they always dreamed of, and achieving that is not so difficult at all.

RetinaEngrave 3.0 Brings Cutting Edge Software to Pro-Series

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

We are excited to announce our latest and greatest laser software is now available to all Pro-Series users. RetinaEngrave 3.0 is the result of 8 years of customer feedback and active development and will make using your laser cutter easier and faster than ever before. The new Pro-Series has also been updated with an advanced, new LCD touch screen to make projects even easier to go from concept to completion. 

RetinaEngrave 3.0 Brings Cutting Edge Technology To Your Muse

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

We are excited to announce our latest and greatest laser software for your Muse laser cutter is now available to all Muse users.  RetinaEngrave 3.0 is the result of 8 years of customer feedback and active  development and will make using a laser cutter easier and faster than ever before. 

Laser Talk Guys Head To Maker Faire, Bay Area

Monday, May 14, 2018


Hobby Laser Tube Wattage; the 40W & 45W difference

Friday, February 23, 2018

Most CO2 laser systems are defined in two ways; the size of the X-Y work area and the type/wattage of the laser tube creating the beam. We wanted to discuss the later briefly, and explain why we offer both a 40W and 45W option in our Hobby Series and Muse Laser Systems.

Muse Giveaway Contest!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Want a FREE Muse Hobby Laser for your School, Makerspace or Community Center? Enter our Muse Giveaway Contest and you could be a local hero for your community. Just create a short video (30 seconds to a minute) telling us why you want a Muse for your school or community space and what you would do with it. Then tag us (Full Spectrum Laser) with the hashtag #MakerSpaceBetter. Be sure your video includes who you are (background on your school or makerspace), how Muse would improve your organization and what kinds of projects you envision with your FREE Muse.



Contest runs from now until December 18th. Winner will be announced December 20th on our weekly “Wednesdays with Walker”, live on Facebook. Start making your video now!


Rules and Restrictions Apply. See full contest rules.

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