Combining Techniques to Create a Customized Jigsaw Puzzle

Raster Engraving and vector cutting are essential aspects of laser cutting. By combining these techniques, we are able to make a wide variety of projects. In this project we will learn how to: Select Objects through the layer menu, Understand layers to organize job type order, Use vector colors to dilinate path order, Set multiple settings for a single job, and Understand "Inside to Outside" cut order.

Laser 101 Vegas Jigsaw Puzzle Cover.jpg


Safety First
Before powering on your laser, ensure that your workspace is free of fire, electrical and other safety hazards. Always be aware of all safety precautions when cutting materials with a laser.

Verify that your laser is connected to a computer by using the included ethernet cable.
For any additional setup or troubleshooting, reference your user manual for details


Launch Software
When the boot cycle completes, locate the unique IP address for your machine. For Muse, the wired IP will be listed in the bottom right corner of the touchscreen. To access the wireless IP, go to Settings>Network.  For all other machines, use the IP address that appears in the main screen after the boot cycle. 
Type this unique number into any web browser.  We recommend Google Chrome for best results.



What We Learned

  • How are vectors different than images?
    • Vectors are paths while images are composed of pixels.
  • What kind of data does a .PDF contain?
    • Both raster and vector data.
  • How do speed and power properties relate to speed and power in raster projects?
    • Speed always controls how fast the laser head moves, while power always controls the power output of the laser.
  • What does the vector current slider control?
    • Vector current controls the pulsing of the laser. 
  • How does a vector job run as opposed to a raster job.
    • A raster job runs like an "inkjet printer" marking what it sees.  A vector follows the path of the design. 


1/8" Wood
Wood Glue
(Optional) Polyurethane Spray
(Optional) Wood Stain


Things to think about:

  • Why might it be benificial to run one job type before the other?
  • Why should you select multi-type files from the menu?
  • What is a reason that you might design a file with multiple vector colors?
  • How does "Inside to Outside" cutting help prevent failures or flaws in a job. 


Design Files


Puzzle Frame

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