Friday, May 5, 2017

Avoid Unnecessary Accidents: Get Laser Safety Certified!


Safety is everyone’s concern. The very first thing an owner of a laser cutter should do is read the safety warnings and safety protocol included in their user manual. While this is a logical thing to do, it may be difficult to gage how much safety information is retained. Schools, in particular, want to make sure students are using machines in a safe manner. That’s why we are introducing our new C02 Laser Safety Certificate Curriculum.

This is a free to access course that takes students through each area of safety concern when operating a CO2 laser cutter. Students will first go through the lecture portion of the curriculum, where safety issues are laid out in linear lessons. These lessons cover: safety stickers & icons; workshop safety; CO2 laser safety, fire safety and electrical safety.

Once students complete the course, they will take an online exam covering the material they have studied. Students that pass will receive a certificate showing they have passed the course. This allows instructors in schools and maker-shops to quickly access a student’s safety awareness and prevent students that still need further education from going near a laser cutter.

This curriculum is the first in a series that will expand to lessons on operating laser cutters, using design software, setting up hardware and best usage tips and advice. More on those courses coming soon! Until then, check out the C02 Laser Safety Curriculum and always use best safety practices every day.