Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Designing for Laser Cutting: A Technical Ebook for Creatives

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Laser cutting and engraving are skills anyone can learn. What separates the amateur from the expert, however, is the accumulation of techniques that enhance the final results of a project. To help our new operators advance their own techniques, we have created a free ebook titled Designing for Laser Cutting: A Technical Ebook for Creatives.

Designing Cover.jpgDesigning For Laser Cutting Ebook  

This fully illustrated ebook starts with the basics of designing for laser cutting, by giving a broad view of file types and design software.Screen Shot 11-01-17 at 12.28 PM.png

Chapter Two explores raster engraving, from design to photo engraving.


Chapter Three is all about vector cutting, with advice on setting stroke size, spacing, order of operations and more.


In Chapter Four we discuss advanced techniques for utilizing kerf, designing notches for 3D objects, stacking techniques and cutting uneven surfaces.


Finally, in Chapter Five, we have a brief discussion on designing for particular materials.

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This is the first in an ongoing series of ebooks about laser cutting. If you enjoy Designing for Laser Cutting: A Technical Ebook for Creatives, be sure to look for our upcoming ebooks, Lasering in a Material World and Laser Operations.