Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Discover Today’s Fiber Marking Laser

FD Fiber Laser Cutter.png

Today’s metal marking fiber lasers offer benefits that are more affordable and versatile than ever. As the technology has become more simplified, compacted and utilized in the industry, the costs have come down to the point that an entire new category of users now exist: the small business owner.

Changing of the Guard

Non-fiber laser cutters, such as high wattage CO2 lasers, have long been popular for shops looking to do metal marking, and they are reliable machines, if not a bit bulky. This shop space issue included a multitude of required accessories, such a water cooler, that added clutter and potential mess. Plus, these machines have consumable laser tubes, requiring some periodic reinvestment. For the price, longevity and efficiency, this is an acceptable trade-off for value. But now, the fiber laser has come into it’s own in terms of affordability and potential return on investment. Piggy Bank Project Photo 1-1

Fiber Becomes Affordable 

As mentioned, fiber laser cutters have become an affordable alternative to non-fiber laser cutters, as well as non-laser metal marking options. It starts with years of steady engineering advancements, making fiber lasers superior to their predecessors in almost every way. Fiber lasers don’t require water coolers due to the air cooling capabilities of the fiber optics. They also don’t require the replacement of a laser tube or other common consumables associated with CO2 lasers. In fact, a fiber laser will last 8 years or more, under continual use, without ever replacing the laser. That, in itself, is a huge cost benefit over CO2 lasers. Fiber lasers can also be quite compact, allowing their operation in almost any workshop. Fiber lasers don’t use harsh chemicals and are environmentally friendly. Best of all, fiber marking software has been developed to be easy to use and eliminates human error in the marking process. Once a file is designed, it is executed perfectly every time with just a click of a button.Fiber Project Photo 1-1

Return On Investment

What can you do with a fiber laser marker? Traditional uses include custom jewelry marking, gun marking at ATF specifications, sterile marking of medical tools and other markings requiring exact parameters. While these uses are lucrative in their own right, the explosion of personal tech items has opened the floodgates of new customization and monetization opportunities. Quickly marking custom designs and photo markings in perfect detail on laptops, cell phones and tablets are bringing fiber lasers to the attention of small business owners. 


If you are using traditional non-laser or CO2 laser methods for metal marking, it is time to look how fiber lasers can improve your speed and profits in a growing market of new metal marking opportunities. And don't forget to see what financing options are available.