Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Explore Your Financing Options For Laser Cutters


Smart financing means a business can have some room to grow in those crucial first months, while keeping an operating budget that isn’t strained by a major drop in capital.  While laser cutters are less expensive and made with greater quality than ever before, they can still be a significant investment for small business owners. The good news is with financing options, you don’t have to pay the full cost upfront.

Why Financing?

Maybe you have had credit issues in the past such as bankruptcy or low credit ratings. Or maybe you have found bank loans too unforgiving and burdensome on your budget. You do have other options, though. Financing lets you spread your payments out instead of having to put down a huge down payment or the entire cost of the equipment all at once. That's just the beginning of the advantages of financing. 

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Remember that besides the laser cutter itself, a business will require other purchases, such as materials, power, space, etc. Having financial options for the major purchase of the machine allows room for these other required purchases. By spreading machine payments out, investors alleviate some pressure to have immediate sales success.

Tax AdvantagesPiggy Bank 1-1

Did you know most of the equipment you will purchase (such as the laser cutter itself) qualifies for a tax deduction, including equipment that is financed? In 2017, the deduction limit was $500,000 for all qualified purchases made that year with an incredible cap of 2 million dollars! Tax codes can change from year to year so consult your tax adviser to take the most advantage you can for 2018.

Fixed Paymentswarranty

Unlike bank lines of credit with variable rates, lease payments are locked in. This means you can plan your yearly budget without risking falling short on other expenses. It also makes things like extended warranties easy to purchase, adding even more security to your investment.

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It is easier than you think to get that laser you’ve been wanting. Full Spectrum Laser is partners with Quick Spark Financial who have helped fund over a quarter billion dollars in equipment purchases for all sorts of businesses. Even if you have had credit issues in the past, or are struggling with banks because of bankruptcy, you are not left in the cold. Quick Spark Financial specializes in financing machinery and equipment, so they understand the unique needs of start-ups and manufacturers looking to expand their business. Explore your financing options for that brand-new laser cutter now with instant credit. There is no obligation to apply and it only takes a few minutes.