Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Using the Trace Feature on Your Muse Hobby Laser

Screen Shot 04-24-18 at 03.12 PM

Having a camera on your Muse is great for aligning your projects, but did you know you can use the camera to scan on your RetinaEngrave 3 software and trace hand drawn images? We’ve made a step-by-step video to show you how!  

Here are the steps:

Step One: Tape Material

The first step is to apply masking tape over your material, where you want to trace. This will allow a smooth surface to draw your design.

Screen Shot 04-24-18 at 03.13 PM

Step Two: Draw Design

Next draw your design on the tape. Be sure you use a thick black pen and draw in big bold lines.

Screen Shot 04-24-18 at 03.16 PM


Step Three: Capture Workspace

Place the material with your drawing into the Muse workbed. Next, capture the workspace using the RetinaEngrave camera controls. Just click the camera icon and follow the steps. 

Screen Shot 04-24-18 at 03.17 PM

Step Four: Vectorize

Now click the Vectorize icon. Place your mouse at one edge of the image and drag to highlight the entire trace image.

Screen Shot 04-24-18 at 03.19 PM 001

Step Five: Edit & Settings

Click the project icon under layers in RE3 on the left side of the screen. 

Screen Shot 04-24-18 at 03.20 PM 001

Then set your power, speed and threshold preferences on the right side of the screen. 


Step Six: Run Job

Click the Run Icon and let the laser do its thing.  Then, just remove the masking tape and you are done!



And remember, if you are looking for more tips for your Muse, check out our Laser 101, offering free tutorials, project files and other laser learning tips.