Friday, October 5, 2018

Feed Your Laser Cutter the Best

A laser cutter is a pretty lonely machine without material to create with. As with most things, quality material means a better final product. We are often asked, “What do you look for when selecting material to laser cut or engrave?”. The broad answer is material that is consistent, flat and free of imperfections. That typically means searching at your local home improvement store for the best pieces available. However, there is a much simpler approach: buy material that is specifically made for laser cutters, such as Rowmark materials

Rowmark has lines of material, such as wood, acrylic and message board, that is made exclusively for laser cutters. These materials are high quality and extremely consistent in terms of flatness and how they react to a laser cutter. They are also cut to fit laser cutter workspaces at thicknesses perfect for laser projects. Every piece is the right piece for that project that has to be perfect. 


The truth is, we are so impressed with Rowmark materials for laser cutters that we now include them with our Muse laser system as a free gift. It is a great way to show people the difference high quality material can make on a project, and of course, shows off the precision of what a laser can do.  This “Maker Series” package includes samples from Rowmark’s Hardwood Collection, their Lucent line of acrylic and even a piece of Rowmark’s Message Board material. Once you try them, you are going to be very impressed.