Friday, March 23, 2018

My Power Is On, But My Laser Won’t Fire!


Having issues with your Muse laser cutter? We are here to help you get back and running with your laser projects with our Troubleshooting Tips. One of the most common issues people have with their laser is being unable to get the laser to fire, even though power is connected and on. This is often due to user error, rather than true mechanical issues. If you are having this issue, try these simple fixes.


Check Your Safety Overrides

Your laser may not be firing because you have somehow triggered a safety feature. The most common reason a laser does not fire (when power is on) is because the lid is open. As a safety feature, the lid has a magnetic fail safe that disconnects the laser when the lid is open. this will be indicated by your touch screen display like so:


Be sure your lid is closed when you try to fire the laser. If the lid is closed and the laser still does not fire, check that the lid magnet is touching the proper base magnet and that wires are connected. 

Lid Sensor Magnet.png

On the other hand, if you observe the laser firing when the lid is open, that is a safety concern and you should contact our technical support and get that fixed. 

Check Your Cooling System Assembly

Another common reason the laser does not fire is because water is not flowing through the laser tube. As another fail-safe, if water is not flowing through the laser tube, it won’t fire. Some cooling systems will have an added alarm when water is not flowing. Either way, you can visually check to see if water is flowing correctly with your touch screen indicator.


If your touch screen indicates water is not flowing through the laser tube, check your water tube connections and make sure your tubes and water chiller are assembled correctly. More than likely, you have the water tubes reversed. Proper water tube assembly should look like this:

Screen Shot 03-22-18 at 03.26 PM.png

Screen Shot 03-22-18 at 03.30 PM.png

* Images from Muse User Manual. Refer to your Muse user manual for complete assembly instructions. Or, if you have a Coolbox, go here for full assembly instructions. 

Cool Box Hero Shot.jpg 

Check Your Estop

Some laser cutters have emergency estops. These are typically large, bright red buttons that can be quickly pushed to cut off power to the laser. Remember to reset the estop (by turning it until it “pops” back into the “up” position. If the estop is not reset, the laser will not fire.  


Check Your Mirror Alignment

Sometimes it is the case that the laser is firing, but not hitting the mirrors (and thus not hitting your material). If you visually see the laser tube firing but have no laser power hitting your material, try doing an alignment test to see if your mirrors tend adjustment. Your user manual will have complete alignment test procedures.


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