Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Time To Go Pro

Ready to create like a pro? Build, craft, and design bigger and better with FSL Pro Series machines. Our Pro Series is just what you need to take your passion for making to the next level. The Pro machines are Co2 lasers capable of cutting organic material like wood and acrylic. All four rotary compatible and allow for extra cutting space with pass-through doors. 

We get a lot of questions when it comes to comparing the Muse and Pro series. The Muse series is a great jumping-off point for users who are just getting versed in the world of laser cutters. We have a lot of customers who prefer the Muse series because it functions efficiently all while conveniently sitting on your counter or desk. Because our Muse models are more compact than our Pro machines, we recommend the muse series for makers who are wanting to create but on a smaller scale. Our Pro Series machines are great for the makers that are looking to make BIGGER. With all the extra space the pro series machines offer, users have the option to mass-produce their creations. We also recommend a Pro over the Muse if you find yourself using your machine over 20 hours a week. Our Pro machines are built for those heavy-duty cutting jobs that make creating so fun!

Similar to the Muse, all of our Pro machines have an LED touch screen and run off of our newest RE3. Within the Pro Series, we have 4 machines; the PS20, PS24, PS36, and the PS48. The pro machines have a knife bed that holds larger pieces of materials or honeycomb trays. The main selling point of the Pro Series is the space that it offers. Let me break it down for you a bit more. Each machine offers a different size in workspace. We would highly recommend one of our pro machines for mass production. If you're looking to make highly repeatable projects like tumblers, ornaments, magnets, etc. the pro machines are your best option. Because they offer the maximum amount of space, think outside the box and go big! If you've been thinking of upgrading your laser, take this as your sign! With our Pro Series machines, your options are endless.

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