Tuesday, September 29, 2020

RetinaEngrave 3 Software Update for September 2020

Full Spectrum Laser is proud to announce that version 2.2 is now available for ALL RE3 users (Muse and Pro). Thank you for your support as we continue to make your user experience the best in the business. 

-Updates are released in stages

-Not everyone receives the update at the same time

-Use your lasers as you normally would and over the next week you will get the update upon rebooting.

-If after a week you do not receive the update please contact support.


Release Highlights

      • LCD - Implement User Pin Entry
      • Add z table jogging buttons
      • Display static 3d view of camera capture
      • RE3 material library (job settings)
      • Touchscreen Interface API authorization
      • Added Laser Material Feature
      • Vector infill refinements
      • Fixed bug where vectorized objects with infill selected sometimes omitted infill
      • Added new infill generation method - Per object
      • Added a large number of workspace update reliability fixes
      • Implemented a number of camera/USB reliability fixes for Muse 3D
      • Added option to disable camera feed
      • Added workspace preview per color layer


      • Touchscreen Signal R Issue
      • Stuck on system starting
      • Rastering Text without Infill checked will raster as if it was selecte


      • Eliminate creation of unneeded db contexts in workspace repository/controller
      • RE3 changes for galvo products
      • Update Pro LCD for Galvo
      • Display x/y/z position of cursor in workspace
      • Investigate use of trace for raster tracing



How do I ensure my machine is updated?

You'll want to look on your LCD home screen and look for v2.2 to be displayed.


What do I have to do to update my software?

Just ensure your laser is connected to a reliable high speed internet source. Restart the laser while connected to the internet to speed up and kickstart the update process.


What's the best way to connect my machine to the internet?

For best results and fastest updated speeds, connect your laser to your network via ethernet cable in your home or office.


Will this update take long?

Nope. This is a quick update with some GREAT additions!  Should only take a few minutes, Updates might take longer depending on which version you currently have.


Do I HAVE to update?

Yes. If your laser is on a clear network it will automatically receive the software update and you will not be able to opt out of it. The update will take effect upon next restart to avoid interrupting any current jobs. This is for safety reasons because.....Lasers!


Stay focused, and keep making!