Friday, December 1, 2017

Weekly Project Spotlight


Every week we present a new project we (or a featured guest) crafted in our workshop here in Las Vegas, Nevada. These projects aren’t for sale, but rather to demonstrate what is possible with a laser cutter. We encourage our fans to download the design files and make them their own. You can modify or enhance them any way you wish. Or just duplicate them until your heart’s content. They are for our maker community to enjoy and we offer them free of charge. Check this blog each week to see what we have come up with next and then go to our website and download your favorites. We’d also love to see what you have done with them (or show off your own designs) on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram @fullspectrumlaser or tweet us @FullSpecLaser. You can even enter our weekly contest, while you are at it, for a chance to win great laser accessories and discounts. So let’s see what we’ve been making lately.

This Week: Christmas Ornaments






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