Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Five Ways Muse Inspires at Maker Faire San Diego

Creative inspiration is in the air at Maker Faire San Diego. Here are five reasons you should come see Muse in action at the Full Spectrum Laser booth:

1.      Made for Makers. Engineered for the hobbyist who has taken their craft to the next level, Muse is the perfect combination of size, power and price to make micro-manufacturing a reality in the growing small workshop movement.

 Made for Makers.

2.      Easy to Use. Make projects on Muse using any design software, including 3d modeling programs, and bring your ideas to life with our exclusive RetinaEngrave software. 100% developed by Full Spectrum Laser, Muse makes it easy to design in your favorite program and instantly transition to cutting your material.

Easy to Use.

3.      Feature Loaded. Work more efficiently with Muse’s robust design features. LCD Touch Screen Interface puts the power of Muse at your fingertips. Achieve sharper alignment and translate hand drawings with an embedded camera system.  Use the rotary and rotary riser attachments for rounded items. Go “out-of-the-box” with Muse’s removable floor.

Feature Loaded.

4.      Versatile Usage. Witness the amazing variety of crafts and projects that can be accomplished with Muse. Whether you are making memorable gifts for your friends and family, or starting your own business, Muse is the power to create your mind’s eye.

Versatile Usage.

5.      Community Focused. Muse users are part of a larger social network where people can share ideas and designs. In addition, Full Spectrum Laser gives all of its designs back to the Muse community for free.

 Community Focused.

See for yourself how Muse is leading a new generation of innovators, artists and makers to a Golden Age of micro-manufacturing and community. Visit us at our booth within the INNOVATE ZONE and take home a special gift customized with Muse, live in action!