Friday, February 23, 2018

Hobby Laser Tube Wattage; the 40W & 45W difference

Most CO2 laser systems are defined in two ways; the size of the X-Y work area and the type/wattage of the laser tube creating the beam. We wanted to discuss the later briefly, and explain why we offer both a 40W and 45W option in our Hobby Series and Muse Laser Systems.

Muse Laser Tube 1-1


We receive laser tubes from different manufacturers from around the globe. Every laser tube that comes to our facility in Las Vegas, NV goes through a variety of tests, including output. While all Muse and Hobby Series machines have the same power supply (the power supply is capable of supplying 25mA which is enough for a 45W or 40W tube), tubes created with a gold catalyst last longer and produce higher output power and we market these as 45W tubes.  Tubes with a gold catalyst have a slight pink hue to the innermost tube.  Just like 60W and 100W light bulbs can go into the same electrical socket, 40W and 45W tubes are interchangeable with the same power supply.

Laser tubes without the gold catalyst are marketed as 40w laser tubes.  Sometimes we have some tubes which have the gold catalyst but can’t reach 45W and we label these as 40W laser tubes.  To find out if you have a 45W tube, simply look at the tube and if it’s not perfectly clear glass and slightly pink then you have a gold catalyst 45W tube.

Should you have any issues with laser system, be sure submit a support ticket by emailing or calling us at 702.802.3100 or check our Laser 101 for all the tips, tutorials, manuals and free projects we offer!