Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hobby Series Continues the Legacy

One of our most popular laser cutters is the “5th Gen” in our H-Series. It has been our economy-priced workhorse for many years and people are still using them and loving them across the world. That said, we will be phasing out 5th Gen to make room for Hobby Series, the next laser cutter in our line of affordable hobby laser cutters.

Of course, with a new machine, people want to know what’s new and different.

The first thing you will notice is a new color. A darker color exterior allows that luster to last longer than a white exterior after months of hands-on work.

Of course, aesthetic qualities are great, but the real changes are mechanical and design improvements. Hobby Series has improved parts and components as well upgraded engineering.

Hobby Series Continues the Legacy

Gantry is smoother because of our new linear bearing and rail guide system.

The electronic components are no longer exposed to fumes and smoke due to an internal compartment separating wiring from the work bed.

Hobby Series will also be more user friendly in many areas.

Hobby Series Continues the Legacy

Our popular RetinaEngrave software has gotten a top to bottom update with a new interface and browser based access. This new RetinaEngrave 2.0 software can be used with any operating system now and will be compatible with Hobby Series.

Laser tube replacement is now much simpler and much faster with Hobby Series, taking only a few minutes to switch out and requiring no silicone or electrical tape. It is a simple plug in connection now.

Of course, Hobby Series keeps all the things that made 5th Gen so popular. Including the same great price.