Friday, June 5, 2020

Muse Galvo

Full Spectrum Laser has done it again!

We'd like to introduce the Muse Galvo. The Muse Galvo is the first ever plug and play galvo laser produced. With our user friendly RE3 software, motorized auto focus, material data base, and 3D camera system engraving has never been so easy. Prior to the Muse Galvo, fiber lasers were difficult to operate for the average person and trade secrets were held closely by their users. Combining great technology and the insightful input from our customers for over a decade in the industry we have developed something completely new and unique. The Muse Galvo system by Full Spectrum Laser; years to develop so you can engrave in seconds.




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  • Re3 Software 

  • Motorizes Z-Axis

  • Intel Real Sense 3D camera

  • Material Power Setting Data Base

  • 7" LCD Touchscreen

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