Monday, January 18, 2021

Muse Pandora

Big day on the FSLaser blog. We're talking all things Muse Pandora! From the key differences between CO2 and fiber lasers, to safety features and accessories, we've got you covered.

Co2 v Fiber

There are some pretty big differences between CO2 and Fiber lasers. The two utilize different sources of power, meaning they have different wavelengths when doing the good laser things.

Think of them as apples and oranges. CO2 Lasers work on compressed gas in a tube. Typically they worn on a gantry system which gives you more playroom because of the bed size. The best part about CO2 lasers is that there is a wide variety for creation because of all the materials you're able to work with. CO2 lasers can work with mediums like plastic, fabric, and organic material.


Pandora Promo

When it comes to a fiber laser like the Muse Pandora, you get 4.3 inches of workspace that works on a galvo head. Although smaller, the galvo head functions to move the laser quickly and efficiently. Keep in mind that not all of the fiber lasers have the galvo head The Pandora uses. For example, the Muse Fiber laser uses a gantry instead. The Galvo head on the Pandora makes it so you can engrave larger jobs and projects extremely fast. Another convenient feature of the Pandora is that other competitors lack its shoot through bottom capability. The fully enclosed fiber is nothing new to the laser world however the Pandora is a uniquely equipped machine that can do both! Keep in mind the Pandora isn't made for cutting because fiber lasers have a much smaller focal point. The smaller focal point can achieve much higher detail which comes in handy for engraving jobs, and with the galvo head, it can all be done in a matter of seconds. It can cut through some metals, however, the thinner the better and you still may need to use multiple passes to get your desired look. The Pandora is great for engraving on metals like aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and titanium. The most popular applications we've seen with a fiber laser has been on firearms. Fiber lasers are also a cheaper option in the long run because they require less maintenance. This is because a fiber source needs no warm-up time, and they aren't considered consumables. Fiber lasers don't use mirrors either! So no need for replacing, cleaning, or realigning.


Safety First!

There are a couple of things to note for safety when it comes to the Muse Pandora. Because this is a two configuration with an open system, it's important to wear safety goggles with all of your projects. Much like welding, the laser damages the light-sensitive parts of your eyes over time.Youll Laser-1Be sure to check MSDS for any materials you'll be running projects on. Not only are fumes toxic for the body, but also for the longevity of machines. Keep yourself and your laser safe with the proper safety precautions!

There are so many awesome projects that can come out of the Muse Pandora. Etch and engrave on tumblers, glass, and even laptops like Macs. Fun fact: because the Muse Pandora is suspended on an adjustable table, it has autofocus that can even work with a larger lenses. If you're thinking about getting a Pandora for yourself we recommend grabbing a rotary attachment and 3d camera for ease and convenience. Head to the Full Spectrum Laser website to see what other accessories work best with the Pandora.