Tuesday, May 15, 2018

RetinaEngrave 3.0 Brings Cutting Edge Technology To Your Muse

We are excited to announce our latest and greatest laser software for your Muse laser cutter is now available to all Muse users.  RetinaEngrave 3.0 is the result of 8 years of customer feedback and active  development and will make using a laser cutter easier and faster than ever before. 

New Interface

The first thing users will notice is a new, more intuitive layout and interface. Utilizing the best of modern interface design, we have simplified and streamlined the steps it takes to go from concept to cutting. Everything has be redesigned to create a workflow that is quicker and easier than ever before, letting the operator focus on their project instead of the software. 

RE3 Screen Grab

All In One Design & Laser Operations

We have also added a complete set of design tools to the software, just like you would see in dedicated design programs, such as Inkscape. Create custom shapes, add text or alter existing designs all within RetinaEngrave 3.0's interface. If you are comfortable with the design software you are already using, that’s no problem either. You can import your designs through our print driver or just convert to PDF and drag n’ drop the file straight into the interface.

Design Tools

Design tools 2

Advanced File Saving Options 

The new software offers the ability to not only save files, but the laser settings associated with each project as well, saving time and the need to remember what settings go with which job. These files can be saved to your computer for instant access and there is never a delay to get things going because of cloud server issues. 

Save Files

Full Integration for Fastest Workflow

RetinaEngrave 3.0 brings all the features of Muse into one simple workflow process. From connecting to the software to accessing design files and settings, everything is integrated to make it easier for operators to use. The software is also integrated into Muse’s camera features making it perfect for new users with no laser cutting experience at all, while offering a ton of options for advanced operators. 

Compound Shape

Operator Focused

RetinaEngrave 3.0 is all about ease of use and going from design to cutting with the most intuitive workflow possible. As with all our software development, we focus on our customer's comments and feedback to constantly improve on the user experience. Whether you use a PC, Mac or Linux, we listen to your experiences as part of our never-ending R&D. 

Raster Properties

Now Available to All Muse Users

RetinaEngrave 3.0 is now available to all Muse laser cutter users (though RE2 is still an option if you prefer). There is nothing to download or change in your system. and it is still compatible with PC Mac and Linux. You will see the new interface when you enter the IP address into your computer (just like before). 

Want to learn more? Check out Laser 101 where you can find everything you need to become a laser cutting and engraving expert. There you can discover laser cutting video tutorials and vlogs, our laser certification programs and our vast library of project files and ideas, all free to Muse owners and operators.