Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tales From JCK

JCK was a ton of fun and huge success. We met hundreds of wonderful craftspeople and jewelers (thousands were in attendance) and got to show off our Phoenix 3D printer and our SpeedCast resin formulated for jewelry casting.

This resin has shown great casting results so we were determined to get more professionals using it and showing us what they can do with it. To do this, we gave away hundreds of SpeedCast ring samples to professional jewelers and many of them have promised to send us pictures of their results in casting real jewelry pieces from our samples. Be sure to check in on this blog weekly for updates.

So what did we learn at JCK? Without a doubt, 3D printers are changing the industry. The integration of 3D software, castable resin and 3D printers will allow jewelry designs that were unimaginable before. The excitement for this new technology was everywhere at JCK and we are proud to be apart of it.