Free Laser Projects

Walker Mckeag

RE3 #7 Yaya Hans Butterfly

By Walker Mckeag • October 10, 2023

RE3 Exclusive! Make your own laser cut butterfly.

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Free laser project The Pisces Moon Shelf

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#0104 Acrylic Fish Tank

By Walker Mckeag • December 21, 2020

Free Laser Project Files Acrylic Fish Tank

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#0103 Menorah

By Walker Mckeag • December 11, 2020

Celebrate the right way with your own laser-cut menorah! It only takes 15 minutes. Better get to cutting.

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#0102 Tensegrity Table

By Walker Mckeag • July 23, 2020

Free Laser Project Files Tensegrity Table

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#0100 Light Fixture

By Walker Mckeag • June 16, 2020

Free Laser Project Light Fixture

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#0098 Light Box

By Walker Mckeag • April 15, 2020

Free Laser Project Light box

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#0097 Chocolate bar mold

By Walker Mckeag • March 19, 2020

Free Laser Project Candy bar

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#0095 Ouija Board

By Walker Mckeag • October 14, 2019

Free Laser Project Ouija Board

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#0093 Light Switch Covers

By Walker Mckeag • January 17, 2019

Free Laser Project Light Switch Covers

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